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Enjoy the rad crypto ecosystems on Twitter. That's it!

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You're Welcome (YW) comes from the community; it's the classic refrain of someone who sells low only to see a massive surge in price action immediately after. Let's block a spam-ridden tweet for that kind soul.

For a more detailed look under the hood, please see our FAQs below.

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  1. Works natively with XRP Tip Bot
  2. Blocks shilling and bot posts by targeting exact phrases, exact words, URLs linked to spam accounts, and emojis (when used with some words) among others
  3. Crypto influencer never-block list
  4. User-created block list capability
  5. A cool down period of 2 mins. that saves from double charging
  6. Incentivized filter improvement
  7. Smarter spam filter deploys bag-of-words model
  8. Only essential notifications along with a “soft approach”
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Coming Soon

Q4 2018: Adjusting the fractionalized amount of XRP according to the estimated amount of spam across segments of the crypto community.

Q1 2019: Discount on user-provided terms and phrases they wish to be blocked.

Q2 2019: Years and continuity in the blockchain space (tweeting about select terms) factored into filtering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is payment streaming?

A pay-as-you-go model of exchange that reduces waste and
better melds with the habits of our complex virtual lives.

What are the requirements to start using YW?

A Twitter account and some XRP in your XRP Tip Bot account.

What is the minimum amount of XRP I need in my XRP
Tip Bot Wallet?

For now, that amount is .4 XRP.

How much XRP is “charged” to block one tweet?


Will this amount change in the future?

We will be evaluating this fractionalized amount on a weekly basis. Enter Billions is currently developing a reliable way to measure the amount of spam in the system in order to adjust accordingly; that way, we are not incentivized to see more spam out there.

How did you determine which words or phrases to block?

We are addicted to using Twitter to research and find new crypto-related projects. The community is brilliant and uses irony, memes, and humor to communicate/innovate. More people need to see it to believe it! A tool was needed that uses payment streaming while encouraging a safe entry point (post-spam). We believe the words, phrases, etc. we built into the filter are both rigorously considerate of the above mentioned unique qualities and effective.

What’s the best way to connect with the team?

Write to Jo. But first, consider donating to the developer of the XRP Tip Bot, @WietseWind.

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